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Thu, Nov 30, 2023

We don’t appreciate photos until whatever’s captured is gone forever. And once that happens, we rely on the photos to remind us of the past, of people, and how we felt for them. Simply, photos are forgotten memories.

Think of all the photos you’ve taken. Do you routinely reflect on them or do you leave them unseen until the subject vanishes? Well, that’s what happened to me recently. And I regret not caring for and protecting my photos 一my memories一 while I had them.

About a month ago, my Mother passed away. She had an unexpected heart attack and the whole experience shocked my family, but especially myself.

My Mother, Joan, was my best friend. She raised me as a single mother and we quickly became each others’ pillar. If I needed advice, I’d call my Mom. If I needed help, I’d call my Mom. If I forgot the laundry tag symbols, I’d call my Mom.

We spoke on the phone daily. We had weekly dinners. Needless to say, her death really shook me.

The first thing I did when the doctor told me was grab my phone and scroll through pictures of her. But when I went to search, I couldn’t find any good ones. I knew they were there, but all the pictures I could find weren’t right. Her head was cropped out of the group shot. Or she wasn’t looking at the camera.

Frustrated and grieving, I left the hospital in tears.

A day later, my Grandpa called me about making funeral arrangements. He said he’d take care of everything, but I just needed to pick out photos for the slideshow and of course, her memorial portrait.

And that’s what led me to my emotional breakdown.

Phone emerging images

The Photo Hunt

I tried scrolling through my phone’s library again. But I knew after just a few minutes the hunt was hopeless. There were just SO many photos and NO organization.

So, I pulled out my laptop and kept searching. This time I found some nice pictures of my Mom, but not THE ONE. Even though I could picture it in my mind, with her bright smile and rosy cheeks, I just couldn’t find it. THAT was the photo I needed for her memorial portrait.

I dug through every folder, every album, and even the trash bin. I felt like I was a captain sailing around for lost treasure. I had a feeling it existed, but kept coming back empty handed.

After spending the entire day combing through every file on my laptop, I decided to give my phone another chance.

I scrolled to the very beginning of my photo album, which dated back to 2013! I poured myself a generous glass of wine and flicked through each photo.

Around 6AM I woke up from the couch with my phone clutched against my chest. Grit formed along my teeth and my head pounded. I opened my phone to a picture of my Mom, but it still wasn’t THE one.

And that’s when I broke down. How could I end up being so useless? I had ONE job and couldn’t even complete it. I spent a few minutes crying, then checked my Facebook notifications. Through blurry vision, I stumbled across an ad.

The PhotoStick Omni claimed to find every photo on any device, organize them, and back them up. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical since I just wasted an entire night looking at EVERY photo. But what if the one I pictured was in a different album? Or hidden in a folder? What if…

I placed the order. I had just over a week until the service and hoped the device would arrive in time. Three days later, I checked my mailbox and discovered a small package. Excitedly, I tore up the bubbly envelope and raced back inside.

Phototicks plugged into Android phone

I plucked my phone from the charger, ready to finally find this photo. I connected the adapter’s USB-C connector to my phone and plugged the PhotoStick into the adapter. Following the instructions, I downloaded the free PhotoStick app and launched it. I tapped the “Backup Photos Now” button and watched the loading bar.

With a photo collection from 2013, I expected the device to take awhile finding every photo so I went grocery shopping. By the time I got back, my phone displayed 100%. PhotoStick Omni had found over 12,000 photos and 300 videos. Immediately, I browsed the discovered photos, organized by date.

In less than a minute, THE picture stared back at me. My Mom’s smile thawed the grief I’d felt every second since speaking to her doctor.

An old woman smiling

This picture was from a trip the two of us took to Greece two-ish years ago. It was to celebrate my first promotion at work, but I think we just needed some Mom-Daughter time. I couldn’t believe this tiny device was powerful enough to find any photo on any device.

After brushing aside my happy tears, I plugged the stick directly into my laptop. I completed the same process and after making dinner, sat down to find even more photos! I set a few aside for the funeral powerpoint, but kept coming back to her memorial photo.

It was hard to believe I’d never see her face again. I sent the photos to my Grandpa via email and went straight to the print shop. With the PhotoStick’s USB end it was easy to get physical copies of THE image. I just plugged the device into the shop’s printer and within seconds, I held her picture in my hands.

Now, I bet you’re curious about the device that saved my memories of my Mom…

Black colored Photostcks Placed on a table

What is the PhotoStick Omni?

With advanced technology that doesn’t require any downloads or passwords, PhotoStick hunts down photos and organizes by date. All you have to do is plug the PhotoStick into the adapter and the adapter into your device. Then a window pops open, prompting you to begin. Click the green button and let PhotoStick Omni do all the work for you.

Simply, the PhotoStick Omni is a small adapter with THREE USB connectors that allows you to use the PhotoStick with ANY device in your home. Just think of all the photos lingering on your various devices; from your phone, your iPad, laptop, and your desktop!

The PhotoStick Omni works 10 times faster than previous editions and has even more storage options, ensuring the gadget solves every one of your needs.

Once found, the photos can be transferred to your computer for safe keeping! Or, as I prefer, just leave them on the stick itself. With the amount of room on there, I know there’s lots of space.

Black colored photosticks plugged to Laptop

What Makes PhotoStick Omni Special?

Deletes Duplicates

PhotoStick Omni sifts through your images and removes duplicates, but don’t worry—if two images are similar, it will save both (and won’t delete the one with your eyes open)!

Massive Storage

With four storage sizes to choose from, PhotoStick Omni can hold up to 120,000 photos and videos.

Compatible With Countless Devices

With the three USB options, PhotoStick Omni works on any device with a USB-C, USB-B, or Lighting connector. That means it’s compatible with any Apple, Android, PC, and tablet device!

Easy to Use

With just three simple steps, PhotoStick Omni is easy-to-use. Your work is done once you plug in the device and hit “go!”

Stay Protected

PhotoStick works as a backup and keeps your images safe without the worry of passwords, accidental deletion, or privacy concerns that come with cloud storage.

Saves You Time

Your time is precious; PhotoStick Omni saves photos automatically, so you can spend your time how you want. Say goodbye to sorting, labelling, and hours of hair pulling!

To use PhotoStick Omni, just follow these three easy steps:

Step One: Download the free PhotoStick App from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Step Two: Plug the USB end of the PhotoStick into the adapter and plug the adapter into one of your devices. Once connected, PhotoStick will find and organize all your photos in just one click.

Step Three: Either disconnect the adapter and plug the PhotoStick directly into your laptop to transfer files or leave the adapter on and find photos on other devices!

PhotoStick Omni isn’t just about finding photos, it’s about rediscovering your past. It’s about appreciating the moments you’ve made. Now, every night I get to wish my Mom goodnight.

A smiling Woman picture in a Frame

I’ve learned first hand how important photos are. I never really appreciated them until I lost my Mom. But in reality, photos access our past. They’re the closest we’ll get to time-travelling.

With PhotoStick Omni, I’m able to time-travel whenever I want. I see my Mom every day even though she’s no longer here. The PhotoStick gave me a comfort I never knew I’d need.

Don’t wait until you lose someone. Snap photos with your loved ones and keep them safe. Make sure that no matter what happens, you have access to your memories.

Starting at $74.99, PhotoStick Omni offers various storage options. With over 3,000 5-Star reviews on Amazon and over 1.5 MILLION customers, you know this is a company you can trust.

Photosticks Testimonial
Photosticks Testimonial
Photosticks Testimonial

As you’ve seen, it’s innovative software saved the day! And while I’ll keep mine, I’ve ordered two more for friends. They’ll make such thoughtful gifts.

At the same price as a fancy memory stick, you’ll have all the work done for you. And you’ll have immediate access to your past, to your memories.

Time-travel through your memories now. 

UPDATE: How to Find the Best Price For ThePhotoStick OMNI…

As of Thu, Nov 30, 2023, it looks like they’re still offering a deep discount on ThePhotoStick OMNI in various storage sizes directly on their website. (Click below now—I don’t know how long this discount will last.)

TECH GUY TIP: I always buy the biggest storage size with backup solutions like this. That way, you never have to worry about maxing out your thumb drive and going without backing up for a few weeks…or storing files across multiple drives and having to keep them organized. Not fun!

And if you don’t like ThePhotoStick OMNI when you use it for the first time, just send it back and ask for a refund. No harm done.

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